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Carmel Highlights

It is an educational institution run by CMI fathers and provides priority to holistic education.


Skilled Administration

The CMI Congregation runs over 700 educational institutions in India and abroad. The special charism of the congregation is education. Carmel Public School is one of those many institutions managed by CMI with meticulous care and efficiency.


Qualified and Experienced Staff

We are proud to say that we have a set of highly qualified and experienced staff in our school. Most of the teachers are well experienced in their subjects. They can plan and deliver lessons that ensure optimal learning and progress. It helps the students to set high expectations and create a good environment for learning in which students feel safe, inspired and motivated to succeed. Experienced teachers have years of practice in the class rooms. They know what methods of teaching work well, how to manage the class room and they connect with each student in their class.


100% English Campus

To make students capable of proceeding in the fast-moving world, the school provides adequate opportunities to enhance their communication skills. The school is an English zone. It is compulsory to converse in English in the campus. Necessary measures are taken by the school authorities to check the effective use of English in the campus. The students are always motivated and supported by the teachers in this aspect.


Brilliant Study Centre, Pala; Vazhakulam Campus

We started a new campus of Brilliant Study Centre, Pala nearby our school with the intention of preparing desirous students for NEET Entrance Exams. It was inaugurated on 17th June, 2022 by Stephen Joseph, Managing Director, Brilliant Study Centre, Pala. The professors from Brilliant Campus, Pala are taking classes regularly for these students. We provide all necessary facilities like well-disciplined hostels, comprehensive library, air-conditioned classrooms, smart boards etc.


Green Campus

Carmel can boast of a green and clean campus. A lot of trees and smaller plants dot the campus giving it a holistic look. There is a team of committed gardeners who ensure that the greenery flourishes notwithstanding the weather conditions.


Strong PTA Core

We are indeed proud to say that at Carmel, we have a wide spectrum of parents from all walks of life. Parents are one of the nurturing stake holders in any educational institution and it is very true with regard to our parents. They are very supportive and form an integral part of our institution.
All the major activities in our school is conducted with full support from the parents. They take great care to the portfolio they are assigned. All the inter school programmes held in our school went on smoothly because of the co-operation from the PTA.